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Evaluation framework map

 Background to evaluation

Tools and tips 

About the evaluation framework (0944aboutevalfwork.pdf; 79 KB)

  • Principles of evaluation
  • Applying the evaluation framework
  • Developing evaluation capacity

Evaluation context (0945evalcontext.pdf; 177 KB)

  • Establish terms of reference
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Define type of evaluation (appropriateness, efficiency and/or effectiveness)
  • Understand the logical framework (conceptual models, results heirarchy, program logic table) 

Template: Defining stakeholder needs

Template: Defining evaluation type

Building a conceptual model

Template: Constructing a program logic table 

Evaluation design (0946evaldesign.pdf; 76 KB)

  • Develop information requirements including MLLE approach
  • Identify performance measures
  • Specific design for evaluation type
  • Establish an evaluation panel
  • Document evaluation plan and implement evaluation

Template: Identifying performance measures

Template: Identifying performance measure attributes

Template: Preparing performance measure profiles and monitoring plans

Evaluation analysis tools

Template: Recording assessment using MLLE criteria

Establishing an evaluation panel 

Developing and sharing information (0947devshareinfo.pdf; 78 KB)

  • Analyse information
  • Use evaluation findings: adaptive management, CMA reporting, state-scale effectiveness reporting, performance story reporting
  • Learning from evaluations  

Performance story charts

Writing effective evaluation reports

Page last updated: 27 February 2011