i am your guide to solar finance for business

Energy savings and resource efficiency


Options for leased premises

Even if your business leases its premises, there are ways to access solar power. These include:

A green lease

A green lease includes terms that help you and your landlord achieve energy efficiency and other sustainability goals for the building. Investigate including in the lease who is responsible for purchasing and maintaining a solar system.


Solar leasing or power purchase agreement (PPA)

If you have a medium to long term lease and do not want to buy a solar system outright, you could look at solar leasing arrangements or a PPA.



If you can't instal solar but you want to source your electricity from renewables, GreenPower could be a good choice for you.


Community solar

Investing in a community solar project can provide financial returns and help you meet your corporate social responsibility goals.



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Page last updated: 10 December 2015