Warrumbungle National Park

Fires, floods and park closures

Last update: 29/8/2014 11:41AM

Closed areas

Aerial Pest Operation

An aerial pest operation will be undertaken in Warrumbungle National Park from 7am Thursday 11 to 6pm Friday 12 September 2014.

There is no off-track walking during this period.

The closure of all walking tracks (except White Gum Lookout & Gurianawa Track) will be necessary for no more than 3 hours during the course of those 2 days.  The time of the 3 hour closure will be unknown until the operation has commenced.

Signage will be in place, and barriers preventing access to closed walking track network will be removed at the conclusion of the program over the walking network.

Campgrounds remain open.

For further information contact Coonabarabran Area 6842 1331.


Closed facilities

Following the bushfire in January 2013 most of the Warrumbungle National Park  has re-opened. The following areas remain CLOSED:

  • Pincham campground
  • Fan's Horizon walking track
  • Tara Cave walking track

Please register with the Visitor Centre if you are planning on walking or climbing off-track. Falling trees remain a hazard in fire effected areas.

For more information please contact the Warrumbungles Visitor Centre on 02 6825 4364.

Locations affected: Fans Horizon, Fans Horizon lookout, Pincham carpark, Tara Cave