Davidson Whaling Station Historic Site

Culture and history

History in the park

'Rusho, rusho!' …this cry ringing through the streets of Eden late last century could mean only one thing — the whale chase was on. As the rival whaleboats hit the water in the chase to 'get fast' to the whale, crowds flocked to the headlands overlooking the bay to follow the course of the race. Sometimes the boats were from rival whaling companies, sometimes the race was purely between Davidson crews. The Davidsons however were always there and for over sixty years their name was synonymous with shore-based whaling at Eden.

From the 1860s through the depression years of the 20th century, successive generations maintained the whaling traditions Eden was founded on in the 1830s.

The Davidson Whaling Station changed little in the course of its history. Right up until it fell into disuse in the late 1920s, the station continued to use the conventional technologies of the old bay whalers. In recognition of its outstanding cultural significance, the station was proclaimed an historic site in 1986 and the NPWS become responsible for its care and preservation.

Since this time the Service has thoroughly investigated the site to determine how best to conserve it. Work on the restoration of the existing buildings and the development of visitor facilities for the area is continuing, to ensure the Davidson Whaling Station survives to provide an intriguing insight into the Eden whaling industry.

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