Bouddi National Park

Lookouts and scenery

0 (Image: B.Collier)There are many vantage points in Bouddi National Park offering sweeping views of the coastline and excellent opportunities for landscape photography.




Lookouts and scenic vantage points

Allen Strom lookout

View from Allen Strom Lookout in Bouddi National Park (Image: Susan Davis/DECCW)Clear your mind and refresh your senses with the stunning vistas on offer at the Allen Strom lookout, located on the ridge above Rocky Point.

Standing at this fenced lookout, it’s a pleasure to watch the boats bobbing up and down in Hardys Bay. The views extend across to Wagstaffe and Ettalong and you can even see as far as Brisbane Water National Park.

It’s easy to reach the lookout by foot or bike – simply combine Rocky Point trail to your Bouddi Ridge explorer experience. This trail commences near the intersection of Wards Hill Road and Maitland Bay Road, and you’ll tread a carpet of flannel flowers if you plan a springtime visit.

Allen Strom lookout was named in memory of the man who dedicated much of his life to the establishment of many national parks and nature reserves in the state.

Activities: day walking, sightseeing, photography

Natural setting: dry eucalypt forests

Getting there: Allen Strom lookout is in the Maitland Bay precinct of Bouddi National Park and is accessible via Rocky Point trail.

To get there from Gosford:

  • Follow Central Coast Highway towards Erina
  • Turn right onto Avoca Drive and continue through Kincumber
  • Turn right at Empire Bay Drive
  • Turn left into Cochrone Street and then right onto The Scenic Road
  • Turn right into Maitland Bay Drive at Maitland Bay Information Centre
  • Turn left into Wards Hill Road and continue 50m to the gravel carpark on the left
  • Follow the signage along Rocky Point trail to the lookout

Road access: Sealed road - 2WD vehicles.

Opening hours: Allen Strom lookout is:

  • Always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger

Facilities: lookout, trackhead/access point

Gerrin Point lookout

Gerrin Point and Putty Beach in Bouddi National Park (Image: David Kelly/DECCW)Soak up the scenery at Bouddi National Park’s Gerrin Point lookout.

Gerrin Point lookout is located along Bouddi coastal walk, reached from the eastern end of Putty Beach. It’s easy to find from Putty Beach, simply follow the track for about 1.2km, and then climb the stairs to a boardwalk which leads to the Gerrin Point lookout.

Once there, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of Maitland Bay and the Bouddi National Park Marine Extension. Backed by the Bouddi Grand Deep rainforest, these views are second-to-none. There’s a comfortable bench built into the lookout fence, making it an ideal spot to rest your legs and take in the coastal views and sea air. If you're there during whale watching season, you're in for an extra treat. Don't forget to record your whale sighting.

Activities: sightseeing, whale watching, birdwatching, photography

Location:  shown on Maitland Bay map

Getting there: Gerrin Point lookout is on Bouddi coastal walk, which begins at Putty Beach picnic area located in the Putty Beach precinct of Bouddi National Park.

  • Turn into Wards Hill Road at Empire Bay
  • Turn right into The Scenic Road at Killcare Heights
  • Turn left into Putty Beach Road and continue past the campground to the picnic area
  • The walk commences approx 300m away at the eastern end of Putty Beach
  • Follow Bouddi coastal walk for approx 1.2km to the lookout

Road access: Sealed road - 2WD (no long vehicle access).

Events, activities and alerts at this location

Aerial spraying - temporary closures

Walking tracks between Lobster Beach and MacMasters Beach will be closed for aerial spraying scheduled for 8 May 2015, weather permitting. Note: spraying on alternative dates between 11 - 15 May may occur subject to weather conditions and will be updated as known. Closed areas are:

  • Bouddi Coastal Walk
  • Box Head track
  • Bullimah Spur track
  • Maitland Bay track
  • Gerrin Point lookout
  • Tallow Beach campground
  • Little Beach campground

Visitors are advised to keep out of these areas for their own safety and to follow the direction of NPWS officers and signs on site. Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact Hawkesbury North Area office on (02) 4320 4200 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Friday 8 May, 5:30AM to 5:00PM

Lobster Beach

Leave the city beaches to the crowds while you spend the day at Lobster beach with barely a soul in sight within Bouddi National Park.

Lobster Beach is a sheltered beach just a short walk from the carpark. The area is perfect to pop by if you’re sailing or boating around at Brisbane Water National Park, just across from Bouddi. Marvel at the beautiful angophoras, stringy barks and banksias along the way, before arriving at this pretty beach fringed by natural bushland.

Enjoy a refreshing swim or wander along this sandy beach. Find a spot to throw in a fishing line and take in the serenity. Keep your eyes out for dolphins or sea eagles swooping for fish at Lobster Beach and don’t forget to pack your snorkelling gear. You're sure to find just as many natural wonders to admire beneath its sparkling waters as on land.

Take a virtual tour of Lobster Beach on Google Street View.

Activities: swimming, walking, paddling, sailing and boating, scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, picnics and barbecues

Natural setting: dry eucalypt forests

Getting there: Lobster Beach is within Bouddi National Park and near Brisbane Water National Park. To get there:

  • From Gosford, take Central Coast Highway and then turn right onto Avoca Drive.
  • Follow Avoca Drive through Kincumber and then turn right onto Empire Bay Drive
  • Follow Empire Bay Drive and then turn left onto Wards Hill Road
  • Turn right onto The Scenic Road and follow to Hardys Bay
  • Turn left at Araluen Drive, follow until Pretty Beach, and then turn left onto High View Road.
  • Access to Lobster Beach walking track is signposted and on the left

Road access: Unsealed road/trail - no motor vehicle access.

Opening hours: The park is open at all times, except during extreme fire danger.

Facilities: non-flush toilets, lookout, trackhead/access point

Water supply: There is no drinking water at Lobster Beach, please take your own.

Contact: Central Coast, Phone: 02 4320 4200 (general enquiries)

Marie Byles Lookout

Wheelchair access: easy
Parking is available at the lookout

Marie Byles Lookout, one of the most popular in the area, is on the Scenic Road at Killcare Heights and can easily be reached by car. During the early 1930s the Federation of Bushwalking Clubs, of which Marie Byles was a member, prompted the reservation of lands north and south of Maitland Bay. The lookout gives commanding views of Putty Beach, Box Head, Broken Bay and Barrenjoey Head.

Activities: sightseeing, whale watching, photography

Road access: Sealed road - 2WD vehicles.

Water supply: No water available