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Burbie Camp

Also known as Burbie Springs, this walk-in campground is a great stopover on a longer hike or perfect for a weekend of wildlife spotting and birdwatching. Accessed on foot along Burbie Canyon track and Burbie trail, Burbie Camp is located between iconic Mount Exmouth and Belougery Split Rock, in Warrumbungle National Park.

When you arrive at your rustic campsite, take in the rugged mountain views and crystal clear air. Inhale deeply and savour the spicy cocktail scent of cypress pine, eucalypts, and the sticky daisy bush. At dusk, you might catch a glimpse of a swamp wallaby, red-necked wallaby, or wallaroo. The sight of a majestic wedge-tailed eagle soaring high on the cliff thermals is an inspiring sight which adds to the atmosphere. The Warrumbungles are famous for the darkness of its night skies, so when the sun goes down, settle back for an evening of stargazing.

Take a virtual tour of Burbie Camp on Google Street View.

Activities: camping, astronomy and star gazing, birdwatching, picnics and barbecues

Location:  shown on Burbie Trail map

Getting there: Burbie Camp is in the Burbie precinct of Warrumbungle National Park. The campground is only accessible by foot. To get there:

From Coonabarabran:

  • Follow John Renshaw Parkway into Warrumbungle National Park
  • Leave the car at Burbie Canyon carpark, shortly after passing Camp Wambelong.
  • Burbie Canyon track starts opposite the carpark and joins Burbie trail
  • Burbie Camp is approximately 3km (one-way) walk

Road access: Sealed road - 2WD vehicles.

Facilities: wood barbecues (bring your own firewood), non-flush toilets, drinking water, carpark

Water supply: Untreated spring water – requires treatment for drinking.

Camping fees: $5 per adult per night. $3 per child per night.

Bookings: To book, contact the Warrumbungle park office on (02) 6825 4364.

Contact: Coonabarabran (Warrumbungle National Park), Phone: 02 6825 4364

Tara Cave

Fire/closure alerts currently apply to this location. See details below.

Aboriginal Discovery Ranger demonstrating the use of a boomerang on the Tara Cave Disocvery tour in Warrumbungle National Park (Image: Daniel Trudgeon/DECCW)Booking yourself on a guided tour of Tara Cave with an Aboriginal Discovery Ranger is a great way to discover the history of the park from an Aboriginal perspective. In the Gamilaroi language of the traditional owners of Warrumbungle National Park, Warrumbungles is the word for ‘crooked mountain’.

Discover this ancient landscape and learn how it’s been Aboriginal Country for thousands of years. On the Discovery tour, enjoy a bush tucker morning tea, visit an historic Aboriginal site and gain insight into the relationship between the Gamilaroi and this unique landscape. See ancient axe grinding grooves, which are bound to transport you back in time. These rocky outcrops of sandstone and granite were used as cave-shelters, and there are numerous historic campsites throughout the park.

Journey further into Warrumbungles on a self-guided walk. Try the challenging Breadknife and Grand High Tops or the easy Wambelong Nature track - it’s the perfect way to see the land of this ancient culture.

Activities: walking

Location:  shown on Tara Cave - Wambelong - Split Rock map

Getting there: On entering Warrumbungles National Park, head to Warrumbungle Visitor Centre to book your Tara Cave Discovery Tour. The visitor centre is just off John Renshway Parkway in Warrumbungle National Park.

Road access: Sealed road - 2WD vehicles.

Bookings: For tour bookings contact Warrumbungle Visitor Centre on (02) 6825 4364.

Events, activities and alerts at this location

Closed facilities

Some areas of Warrumbungle National Park are closed due to a bushfire in January 2013. This closure may be extended and any extension will be posted as soon as possible. Please register with the Visitor Centre if you are planning on walking or climbing off-track. Falling trees remain a hazard in fire effected areas.Penalties apply for non-compliance. Other alerts or closures may be in place. For more information, please contact the Warrumbungles Visitor Centre on (02) 6825 4364 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.