Ben Boyd National Park

Native vegetation


Patches of warm rainforest can be found in the moist gullies adjacent to Disaster Bay, along Bell Bird Creek in the adjoining Nature Reserve, and scattered in gullies along the coastline.

Tree species in these areas include:

  • lilly pilly
  • umbrella tree
  • sassafras
  • scentless rosewood
  • cabbage tree
  • smooth mock olive
  • sweet pittosporum.

Shrubs and vines include bolwarra, sandpaper fig and muttonwood. A number of ferns are common including the rough tree fern.

Dry eucalypt forests

Eucalypt forests at Bittangabee. (Image: S.Cohen/DECC)Open forest and woodland cover most of the park. Small patches of tall open forest occur in some areas. Dominant trees are red bloodwood and blackbutt in the northern section of the park, and silvertop ash in the southern section.

Other species include:

  • brown stringybark
  • mountain grey gum
  • coast grey box
  • swamp gum
  • ironbark
  • manna gum.

Woollybutt commonly occurs in pure stands with little understorey in the southern section of the park.

The understorey includes:

  • black oak
  • large-leaf hop-bush
  • coast tea-tree
  • tree broom-heath
  • Port Jackson pine
  • black wattle
  • coast banksia
  • grass tree
  • blanket leaf.

Deep sandy soils in the northern section of the park support stands of rough-barked apple.


Coastal heath at Green Cape. (Image: S.Cohen/DECC)This is the driest, windiest part of the NSW coast, and the vegetation reflects the harshness of the environment.

A low heath and closed scrub hugs the headlands, particularly on the exposed point of Green Cape. The plants are shaped by the wind and the salty air that it brings, forming an impenetrable shield over the ground.

All the typical heath plants are found here:

  • epacrids such as the coral heath and native fuschia
  • members of the boronia family
  • wattles
  • silky hakea
  • coast rosemary
  • banksias
  • melaleucas
  • shrubby dwarf oak.

The red bells of Victoria's floral emblem, the Victorian heath, are also a common sight.