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The Big Hole walking track

In 1862, a young man called Boxall used four long saplings, a rope and a candle to explore a deep chasm out in the bushland of southeast NSW. The rubbly bottom he eventually landed on was 96m from the surface. Onlookers were all shaking their heads at his reckless behaviour but also itching to know what he’d found down there inside what is now known as The Big Hole.

Thought to be around 400 million years in the making, this is an extraordinary limestone marvel; a roofless cave which is over 100m deep and 50m wide. It can be reached by walking from Berlang campground, wading across Shoalhaven River, then continuing through dry eucalypt forest and unique nana heath, with expansive views of the park on your journey. The vast open chasm can be viewed from the lookout and, if you’re there in the early morning or late afternoon, you may see its resident lyrebird come out from its ferny grotto to feed. For a more challenging hike, carry on to Marble Arch or return to Shoalhaven River for a picnic and a swim.

Plant communities: dry eucalypt forests

Location:  shown on Big Hole to Marble Arch map

Bendethera Cave

The track to Bendethera Caves starts from a parking area at the end of Caves Road. The walk becomes more difficult for the last 300 m to the cave entrance.

Plant communities: dry eucalypt forests

Location:  shown on park map

Big Hole and Marble Arch walk

This return walk starts from Berlang Camping Area and takes you past Big Hole to Marble Arch. See the Big Hole track notes (above) for the Big Hole section of the walk. After Big Hole, follow the track below the viewing platform. From the base of the hill the walk is gently undulating until the very steep 150m descent into the Marble Arch. Wide bands of marble can be seen in the walls of the canyon and cavern roof and beautiful ferns cling to the lower sides of the canyon. Caving at Marble Arch is by permit only.

Plant communities: dry eucalypt forests

Location:  shown on Big Hole to Marble Arch map

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