Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in New South Wales: Public consultation

The NSW Government is reforming the way Aboriginal cultural heritage is conserved and managed in New South Wales and is seeking your feedback to help refine the proposed new system. The public consultation is open from 11 September to 18 December 2017.

Raising hands graphicThe first step involves changing the law for conserving and managing Aboriginal cultural heritage. This will form the cornerstone of a new legal framework that will, over time, also include new regulations, policies and guidelines.

After several years of consultation, we have developed a proposed new system for managing and conserving Aboriginal cultural heritage. For a 3-month period from September and October 2017, we will hold a series of information sessions and webinars to explain the new system. Following these information sessions, we will hold workshops on the draft legislation to establish the new system.

Where is the process up to?

Public feedback from a reform model released by the NSW Government in 2013 revealed general support for the principles of that model, but there were wide ranging and often contrasting views about detailed design elements. We have carefully considered this feedback and have developed a proposed new system.

What the proposed new system aims to do

The proposed new system aims to fulfil the NSW Government’s commitment to deliver stand-alone legislation that respects and conserves Aboriginal cultural heritage for current and future generations. It also aims to recognise Aboriginal custodianship and ensure Aboriginal people have the authority to makes decisions about Aboriginal cultural heritage, while providing clear and consistent processes for economic and social development in New South Wales.

How you can have your say

Public consultation open from 11 September to 18 December 2017.

You can get involved in the public consultation process by giving feedback on the draft legislation and support materials by:


These 3 videos will give you a quick and simple introduction to the purpose of having new draft legislation, explaining what it is, why we are working on it, and what it aims to do. They will also explain how you can have your say during the public consultation.