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How to create your own frog habitat

In the garden

  • Build a pond and plant some reeds or tussock-forming sedges around the margin (there are useful pond-building tips on the Frog and Tadpole Study Group (FATS) website)
  • Keep fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides away from your pond or other areas where frogs may live.
  • Disinfect and dispose of waste water from frog or tadpole tanks into the sewer system — never into stormwater drains.

On the farm

  • Retain areas of native vegetation with an undisturbed understorey. Fallen timber, rocks and leaf litter, may be important shelter sites.
  • Keep cattle away from sections of stream banks and wherever possible retain stream-bank vegetation.
  • Preserve wetlands and other natural waterways on your property
  • Maintain wildlife corridors that connect areas of drought refuge.
  • Fence off a portion of your dam for frogs
  • Provide frogs with shelter - leave fallen logs, and plant tussock grasses and other non-invasive native plants.

The FATS Group has published useful factsheets to help you create and restore frog habitat - you can order them from the FATS website.

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Page last updated: 31 January 2014