Nature conservation

Native animals

Living with wildlife

Get help with wildlife in your home, garden or neighbourhood.

Enjoying native animals

Find out what you might see in your area, and learn about some of the simple things you can do to help care for your local wildlife.

  • Atlas of NSW Wildlife
    This is an atlas of recorded plant and animal sightings in NSW. You can find out which species have been seen in your area, and then view the locations of those sightings on a map.
  • Backyard Buddies
    To be a backyard buddy, all you have to do is care for local plants and animals – and do a few simple things to make a difference. 
  • Native animal fact sheets
    Learn about the lifestyles of some common backyard residents, from parrots and possums to bowerbirds and bandicoots.
  • Pests and other threats
    Find out ways in which pest animals and weeds harm native environments, and see how you can help control them.

Having trouble with visiting wildlife?

Many species of wildlife are delightful visitors to our properties, but some quickly wear out their welcome. Get some tips to help you live in harmony with your native neighbours.

  • Bandicoots making marks on your lawn?
    Bandicoots eat lots of grubs and garden pests, but in doing this they can leave snout-shaped marks on your lawn. You can encourage them into other sections of the garden, or build a bandicoot-proof fence. Find out more.
  • Brush turkeys raking up the garden?
    Brush turkeys can dig up garden beds to build large mounds of vegetation, earth and mulch, in which they incubate their eggs. There are a few things you can try if this happens to you.
  • Possums in your roof?
    These marsupials are common visitors to backyards, and sometimes get into roof cavities. See how you can remove them safely, and find out how to build a special possum box.
  • Seen a snake?
    Snakes are not naturally aggressive, and will only attack humans if hurt or provoked. If you find one in the backyard, you can call your local OEH office to arrange for it to be removed.
  • Swooping magpies?
    Ever been hassled by a magpie in spring? It's only defending its family during the nesting season. Find out what to do.
  • Flying-foxes in your garden? 
    When food is scarce, these nomadic mammals may be found foraging in backyard gardens or eating commercial crops. Find out how to protect your fruit whilst protecting this vulnerable species.
  • Wombats on your property?
    Find out how you can share your property with these iconic mammals.

Please don't feed the animals

Please don't feed animals as it can damage their health and make them dependent on campers for food. The wrong food can cause birds to lay eggs with weak shells that break before the young can develop.


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Page last updated: 12 November 2015