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The graceful nature and incredible adaptation of Australia's wetland birds to the harsh environment has captivated many people.

This booklet, the third in the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service 'Wild About' series, explores our current knowledge and relationships with ibis in the urban landscape. Included in this outline is a brief insight into the population and ecology of ibis taken from the work of many researchers, in particular NPWS Wildlife Management Officer Geoff Ross.

Due to the ongoing dry conditions in western NSW, Australian white ibis numbers have dramatically increased in regions along the east coast. Geoff explains that the population shift has raised 'concern for the white ibis and wetland species in NSW' and he proposes 'a re-evaluation of current ibis management'.

You are invited to explore these issues and to appreciate these wonderful birds as a vital part of our wetland ecology and also learn more about the Australian white ibis community surveys.


Wild about ibis - living with urban wildlife (06473WildAboutIbis.pdf, 1.1MB)

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Page last updated: 12 December 2014