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People and shorebirds love the same places - the beautiful sheltered areas along our NSW coastline. Healthy populations of one of these species, the little tern, are a great indicator of ecosystem integrity and vigour.

The Wild about terns booklet provides an outline of research and the results of proactive management in NSW over the last 15 years. This commitment of researchers and many volunteers has been necessary to recover the little tern populations from extinction.

You are invited to learn more about little terns and to help ensure their populations have suitable habitat free from dogs, foxes, seagulls and other predators, and from the inadvertent impact of people on their breeding and feeding areas.

In this way we can ensure this beautiful little traveller and other migratory shorebirds can prosper, and are part of the joy of life for future generations.



Wild about terns - looking after our shorebirds (08261WildAboutTerns.pdf - 880KB)

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Page last updated: 12 December 2014