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Developing a NSW Koala Strategy

The NSW Government is developing a whole-of-government NSW koala strategy.

From 4 December 2016 to 3 March 2017 the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) invited input from the public and stakeholders on what to include in a whole-of-government NSW koala strategy. The community's feedback on what should be included in the strategy is vital for building an effective strategy.

What will a whole-of-government NSW koala strategy do?

A whole-of-government NSW koala strategy will outline the actions needed to stabilise and then start to increase koala numbers. The strategy will identify who is responsible for each action, the timeframe, funding and what we need to measure to check if the actions have been successful.

The strategy will help us to increase our knowledge about koalas, including their habitat, population trends and the threats that are affecting koalas. The strategy will help us to act on this information to successfully manage and mitigate these threats. This will require us to continuously review and update our knowledge.

The strategy will also deliver information and tools to assist government, industry, the community and landholders to work together collaboratively.

How will a strategy help us to work together?

Community organisations, individuals and government agencies are already working hard to help koalas. The strategy will help coordinate different approaches and allow agencies and communities to work together to take action.

The strategy will also deliver information and tools that will help the private sector and the community take action and work effectively with government. The strategy will also support information gathering to ensure there is a clear and transparent reason for actions and policy reforms. This will include improved mapping, surveying and monitoring to help on ground actions and to monitor the success of the strategy well into the future. The strategy will also develop information about genetic diversity to inform future management actions.

How does the Saving our Species program fit with the NSW Koala Strategy?

Saving our Species will form an important part of the NSW koala strategy. The Saving our Species Iconic Koala Project provides a framework for on-ground conservation of koalas in NSW, addressing those threats to the koala that can be reasonably addressed by land managers, communities and experts. The NSW koala strategy will include the Saving our Species actions as well as broader actions to address policies and practices that impact the koala's long-term viability.

How long will the strategy take to develop?

The public submission period closed on 3 March 2017. The Office of Environment and Heritage is reviewing all of the submissions received and will summarise all of the information into a report. This will be presented to the Minister for the Environment and inform the development of the strategy.

What period will the strategy cover and how will we know it is working?

The strategy is expected to be a 'living' document and will specify outcomes that will be periodically reviewed consistent with the NSW Government Program Evaluation Guidelines.

For more information about developing the strategy and resources, see Developing a NSW Koala Strategy.

Page last updated: 10 March 2017