Singleton air quality monitoring station


The Singleton air quality monitoring site is situated in a residential area south of the Hunter River, adjacent to Singleton Council chambers in Civic Avenue.  Along with Singleton South and Singleton North West it is one of three sites located in or on the outskirts of Singleton.

Air quality data

More air quality data for Singleton is displayed on the Upper Hunter Air Quality Monitoring Network map.

Data from the Singleton site are also used in the Regional Air Quality Index. A summary of the data from the previous day can be found in the 24-hour summary.

Monitoring site information

Region: Upper Hunter
Commissioned: December 2010
Elevation: 41 metres
Pollutants measured:
  • Fine particles as PM2.5 using a Beta Attenuation monitor (BAM)
  • Fine particles as PM10 using a Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM)
Meterological variable measured:
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • Sigma theta
Australian Map Grid (AMG) coordinates (km):

* The AMG coordinates were determined from Google EarthTM

6396.30281 northing, 328.83445 easting and zone 56
Page last updated: 17 September 2013