Tuesday 20 March 2018

Issued at 9:45 AM

Rainfall data has been used to predict the likelihood of bacterial contamination at swimming sites in Pittwater.

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NSW Water has reported algae blooms at some swimming sites, which may appear as a brown slick or saw-dust like particles at the water surface. As a precaution, direct contact with the algae should be avoided as it can cause skin and eye irritations. It is expected the algae blooms will dissipate with changes in tide and wind conditions.


Pollution is unlikely Pollution is unlikely, enjoy your swim!
Pollution is possible Pollution is possible, take care.
Pollution is likely Pollution is likely, avoid swimming today.
Update Updated information available.

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As a general precaution, swimming in Pittwater should be avoided for up to three days following rainfall or for as long as stormwater is present.

* Please note water temperature in estuarine areas can be warmer in summer and cooler in winter than the reported ocean temperature.

Beach Conditions

Weather – Mostly sunny morning. Very high chance of showers from the late morning, most likely during this afternoon and evening. 

Winds – S 15 to 25 km/h turning SE 25 to 40 km/h in the afternoon.

Rainfall – 0mm in the previous 24 hours.

Expected maximum temperature – 27oC

Ocean temperature – 24oC

Swell – Northeasterly around 1 metre.

High tide – 1.64 metres at 11:07

Low tide – 0.37 metres at 17:15



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