BioBanking Assessors

The Biodiversity Offsets Scheme under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 commenced on 25 August 2017 visit Biodiversity Offset Scheme.

The information on this page only remains relevant for savings and transitional arrangements under former legislation and policy. Visit Biodiversity Offset Scheme Transitional Arrangements for more information.

BioBanking Assessors are individuals accredited under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 to prepare assessments of biodiversity values under the BioBanking Scheme.

Before submitting an application for a biobanking agreement or statement, your site must be assessed by a BioBanking Assessor. Assessors have a unique identification number that must be included on the application form.

Engaging a BioBanking Assessor

The List of BioBanking Assessors on this website provides contact details for all Biobanking Assessors. Please note that OEH cannot recommend particular assessors.

You may decide to approach a couple of assessors to provide a quote. Your request should state whether you need an assessment for a biobanking agreement or biobanking statement. Make sure you describe the location and area (in hectares) of the site to be assessed and any difficulties in accessing it.

If requesting an assessment for a biobanking agreement you should specify whether you want the assessor to draft the management actions for your site as well.

Assessment tools

A range of assessment tools are available including the Credit Calculator and its operational manual, templates, data sheets and checklists.

Page last updated: 28 August 2017