BioBanking Trust Fund

The Biodiversity Offsets Scheme under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 commenced on 25 August 2017 visit Biodiversity Offset Scheme.

The information on this page only remains relevant for savings and transitional arrangements under former legislation and policy. Visit Biodiversity Offset Scheme Transitional Arrangements for more information.


The BioBanking Trust Fund invests the proceeds of sales of biodiversity credits to enable annual management payments to landowners in perpetuity. Each biobank site has an individual account in the BioBanking Trust Fund.

When biodiversity credits are first sold (or first retired if they haven’t been sold before) the Total Fund Deposit must be deposited into the BioBanking Trust Fund. The Total Fund Deposit is the net present value of all management actions and other recurring costs (worked out using the biodiversity credits pricing spreadsheet) and is specified in each biobanking agreement.

The fund provides annual payments to the landowner to enable them to carry out the management actions described in their biobanking agreement. The agreement also includes the payment schedule.

The Biobanking Trust Fund is a secure investment that is managed to provide a reliable return with a low management fee.

Management and reporting

The BioBanking Trust Fund is managed by the Environmental Trust with investments through TCorp (the NSW Treasury Corporation). The Environmental Trust publishes quarterly and annual reports on its website and provides landowners with annual reports for individual accounts.

Page last updated: 28 August 2017