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How you can help our biodiversity

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Celebrate Australia’s incredible biological diversity: the many species of plants, animals and microorganisms, the different ecosystems such as rainforests and woodlands as well as the oceans that make up our planet.

As one of only 35 countries in the world recognised as ‘mega-diverse’, a significant amount of the world’s biodiversity occurs in Australia. In fact, almost 10% of species on Earth are found here. In NSW alone we have around 83 species of amphibians, 230 species of reptiles, 452 species of birds, 138 species of terrestrial mammal, 40 species of marine mammal, and 4677 plants, plus countless species of invertebrates, alga and fungi.

So get out there and see it for yourself!

A young boy viewing the outdoors with bionoculars.

Get out and about in nature

Why not take advantage of good weather by visiting your local park or one of the many national parks and reserves within NSW

You may like to take part in one of many of the nature activities that are held around NSW, including whale watching, bush regeneration, Botanic Garden events and bird watching in your own backyard.

Make your garden wildlife friendly

Whether you have a small balcony, a backyard or acres of land, there are many practical things you can do to attract and protect local wildlife and increase biodiversity in your patch.

  • Grow indigenous species in your backyard or property – contact your local council or Landcare group to find out what local species grow in your area and where you can buy them.
  • Grow organic – keep fungicides, pesticides and herbicides to a minimum, or avoid using them where possible.
  • Get rid of invasive weeds in your garden – prevent plants escaping from your garden into bushland and out-competing natives. For more information on weeds including identification, check out Weeds in Australia.
  • Create habitat in your garden – you can provide shelter for lizards, insects and small, insect-eating birds that are beneficial to your garden by ensuring your garden has different layers of vegetation such as a combination of trees, shrubs and ground cover.
  • Build a home:
    • a nest box on your property will provide shelter for a hollow-dependent bird, possum or glider. For tips visit Backyard buddies
    • a frog pond will also attract dragonflies and mayflies, which will eat mosquitoes and breed in the pond
    • a bee hotel is a great way to encourage native bees to your garden.

Join others in looking after local nature

You can help conserve and improve biodiversity by joining a bushcare or landcare group.

Contact your local council to find out what activites you could participate in to help conserve biodiversity in your local area. You could also connect with others in your area who are helping conserve our threatened species through the Saving Our Species program.

Find out more

Find out which species occur in your area by checking out the NSW Bionet.

Learn more about Australia’s ancient origins and unique biodiversity by downloading CSIRO’s free eBook Biodiversity: Science and Solutions for Australia.

Page last updated: 25 July 2017