Framework for Biodiversity Assessment

The NSW Biodiversity Offsets Policy for Major Projects clarifies, standardises and improves biodiversity offsetting for major project approvals. A key principle underpinning the policy is that offset requirements should be based on a reliable and transparent assessment of biodiversity losses and gains.

The Framework for Biodiversity Assessment (FBA), which can only be applied by an accredited ecological consultant, can be used by a proponent to determine an appropriate biodiversity offset for a major project.

The FBA sets out the instructions for:

  • assessing and identifying the types of biodiversity values that occur on a development and on an offset site
  • assessing the impacts that a major project has on biodiversity and determining the offset requirement for the impact
  • preparing a biodiversity assessment report for a major project
  • assessing how much gain in biodiversity can be expected to occur on an offset site 
  • determining the conservation measures that may be used to prepare a biodiversity offset strategy for a major project.

OEH is developing the Framework for Biodiversity Assessment Credit Calculator, which is a decision support tool that will assist industry groups and ecological consultants with applying the FBA. This tool will be made available prior to 1 October 2014.

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Page last updated: 10 September 2014