Coastal and estuary grants and floodplain management grants programs

Coastal and Estuary Grants Program

The NSW Government's Coastal and Estuary Grants Program's primary objective is to support local government in managing the risks from coastal hazards, such as coastal erosion, and restoring degraded coastal habitats and improving the health of NSW estuaries, wetlands and littoral rainforests.

The support provided to councils under this program includes technical and financial assistance for:

  • Coastal and Estuary Planning
  • Implementing Works (for works identified in a certified Coastal Zone Management Plan)

Grant offers are subject to availability of funds for each financial year and statewide priorities.

Coastal and Estuary grants

Floodplain Management Grants Program

The Floodplain Management Program supports the implementation of the NSW Government's Flood Prone Land Policy as outlined in the NSW Government's Floodplain Development Manual.

The primary objective of the policy is to reduce the impacts of flooding and flood liability on communities as well as the private and public losses resulting from floods, using ecologically positive methods wherever possible.

The government recommends local councils understand and manage their flood risk through the floodplain risk management process as outlined in the manual.

The Floodplain Management Program provides financial support to councils and eligible public land managers to:

  • make informed decisions on managing flood risk by preparing floodplain risk management plans (and associated background studies) under the floodplain risk management process
  • implement floodplain risk management plans to reduce flood risk to both existing and future development, and reduce losses through a range of property, flood and response modification measures as outlined in the manual
  • provide essential information to the State Emergency Service to enable the effective preparation and implementation of local flood plans to deal with flood emergency response.

Assistance under the program is normally offered by the State Government providing $2 for every $1 provided by local councils.

Floodplain management grants

More information

Further information may be obtained by contacting the relevant office listed below. General inquiries on grants administration should be directed to or the Senior Team Leader, Contestable Grants - Coast, Estuary and Flood on (02) 9895 6533.

North Coast (02) 6627 0206
Hunter/Lower North Coast (02) 4904 2594
Sydney (02) 9895 6471
Illawarra (02) 4224 4153
North West (02) 6701 9624
South Coast (02) 4224 4153
Central/Far West (02) 6883 6503
Murray/Murrumbidgee (02) 6229 7170
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