Coastal and Estuary grants planning stream 2016-17

Ballina Shire Council

Lake Ainsworth coastal management program

Lake Ainsworth is a popular destination for visitors and locals and is a significant natural icon in the area. A recent report into the water quality of Lake Ainsworth has indicated reasons for concern, one of the main concerns is that nutrient levels have doubled since 1995 and resulted in cyanobacteria outbreaks.

This project will develop a management frameworks, including a recreational use strategy, to preserve the ecological condition of the riparian zone and lake function while also allowing for public access and use. It will also establish the impacts of climate change in this area, including sea-level rise and coastal inundation.

Shaws Bay dredging feasibility investigations

Siltation and shoaling within Shaws Bay underlies a number issues within the bay including poor flushing and tidal exchange, poor water quality, smothering of seagrass and shallowing of high-usage swimming areas. Dredging will help address these issues and encourage users to sections of the bay with better water quality, allow the creation of an environmental zone in the northern section and generate material for the creation of sandy beaches.

This project will determine the feasibility, environmental, legislative and logistical constraints and approvals of dredging so that implementation of dredging within Shaws Bay can be undertaken in an optimal manner. This project is a key component in the long-term management of Shaws Bay.

Byron Shire Council

Coastal management program – North Byron Shire coastline

This project will prepare a coastal management program for the northern precincts of the Byron Shire coastline including the townships of South Golden Beach and New Brighton. The coastal management program will build on existing studies and management plans that have been developed for the coastline and will identify viable management responses for this area of the Byron Shire coastline.

City of Parramatta Council

Parramatta River seawall audit and options investigation

There are approximately 8.2 kilometres of seawalls along the Parramatta River in the City of Parramatta Council area which protect public and private assets. These seawalls are in various states of repair. Council is seeking to carry out an audit of the condition of all seawalls in the Council area to inform future repair and maintenance requirements. The audit will also investigate the possibility of making existing seawalls more environmentally friendly by providing improved habitat for local aquatic life.

Coffs Harbour City Council

Cost benefit and distribution analysis for Campbells Beach protection works

This project will undertake a cost benefit analysis and distributional analysis for possible protection works at Campbells Beach. This analysis will assist in determining and justifying the best option for long-term protection at this location. It will also identify the distribution of costs and benefits among the different parties affected by the management actions.

Eurobodalla Shire Council

Prepare Moruya and Wagonga Coastal Management Program

The Moruya Estuary Management Plan and Wagonga Estuary Management Plan Review identified projects and initiatives aimed at protecting and restoring key environmental assets and social amenity. A recent review of these plans determined that most of the high priority projects have been implemented, including major erosion control works, weed control and water quality monitoring programs.

This project will develop a new plan that considers changes in land use within the catchment and community opinion on how the estuaries are currently managed. It will deliver a structured framework for stakeholders to reference in managing and monitoring these estuaries. The outcome of this project is to maintain and where possible, improve the environmental condition and health of Moruya and Wagonga estuaries.

Kempsey Shire Council

Management action 11 – Kempsey Coastal Zone Management Plan – Investigate and design foreshore concept plan

Kempsey Coastal Zone Management Plan identified issues associated with foreshore erosion by coastal processes and increasing risks to public safety arising from the existing foreshore protection works adjacent to the South West Rocks Surf Life Saving Club and primary community beach access location. This project will investigate possible management options and prepare design concept plans to upgrade the existing foreshore protection works to abate future coastal processes impacts and facilitate improved public usage and safety in the area.

Mid-Coast Council

Development of the Old Bar and Manning Point Coastal Management Program

This project will develop a coastal management program for Old Bar and Manning Point areas. This project will undertake extensive community consultation to enhance the communities understanding of coastal process. The coastal management program will determine the future management options of these areas.

Nambucca Shire Council

Coastal Zone Management Plan to a Coastal Management Program to support estuary management actions

This project will support Nambucca Shire Council to prepare a coastal management program. This program will review and update Councils existing plans and strategies and consolidate them into a comprehensive guide for coastal management across the Nambucca local government area.

Northern Beaches Council

Collaroy-Narrabeen protective works benefit distribution analysis

This project will fund the development of a distribution analysis of costs and benefits among the various parties for construction of protective works along Collaroy-Narrabeen beach. Development along Collaroy-Narrabeen beach is classified as the most at risk in New South Wales from coastal processes. This site was subjected to coastal erosion during the June 2016 East Coast Low and significant impacts occurred to private and public properties.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council

Illaroo Road stormwater redirection detailed design

This project involves the completion of detailed designs, reports, documents and gaining all necessary approvals for the redirection of stormwater from two existing outlets which empty directly onto Lake Cathie beach directly opposite Illaroo Road.

Port Stephens Council

Preparation of a coastal management program for the Port Stephens waterways

This project will develop a coastal management program for Port Stephens waterways, that will set clear and transparent long-term strategy for the management of land within the coastal zone.

Shoalhaven City Council

Preparation of Shoalhaven City Council coastal management program

The Shoalhaven coastline (165 kilometres) has a diversity of coastal features and coastal risks. This project will consolidate information from existing plans into a new coastal management program that includes the risks, consultation outcomes and management options that have been identified over the last five years.

South Mollymook coastal protection cost benefit analysis and impact assessment

Mollymook Beach South is at high risk of coastal erosion. Following the 1970's storms, protection measures were constructed to protect major sewage infrastructure, rising mains and public pathway located in front of the golf club as well as to protect Ocean Street and the Surf Life Saving Club. The 160 metre gabion mattress revetment and 50 metre sandstone wall have been damaged by storms in 2015 and 2016 and are now reaching the end of their lives. Concept designs to repair, replace and upgrade existing coastal protection structures to protect public and private assets are available. This project involves undertaking a cost benefit analysis and impact assessment of the preferred options.

Sutherland Shire Council

Bate Bay coastline management program

Ongoing erosion of the beaches within Bate Bay has led to a gradual degradation of the recreational beach amenity and threat to public assets. This project will develop a coastal management program that addresses issues including beach use, water use, safety, flora and fauna, water quality and the impact of adjacent development.

This coastal management program will aim to improve Council's knowledge and understanding of the physical dynamics of the Bate Bay system and will include objectives, strategies and actions related to the medium term and longer term preservation, maintenance, development and use of Bate Bay and its foreshores.

Page last updated: 19 October 2017