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The Index includes Final Determinations as well as Determinations to make minor amendments to the Schedules.

This page shows recent final determinations of the NSW Scientific Committee and links to determinations made in past years. These determinations alter the official NSW threatened species list, in the schedules of the Threatened Species Conservation Act. They are sorted by the Government gazette date when they are added to the schedules.

Bioregions referenced in Scientific Committee determinations

In determining the bioregions where an ecological community occurs, the Scientific Committee uses the Biogeographic regionalisation of Australia.  The Committee’s Determinations indicate which version has been referenced for a particular ecological community. As a guide, the Committee has used the following versions:

Version 4 - Determinations made prior to March 2013:

The Committee used Thackway R, Cresswell ID (1995) An interim biogeographic regionalisation for Australia: a framework for setting priorities in the National Reserve System Cooperative Program. (Version 4.0. ANCA: Canberra).

View a map of the bioregions (PDF 691KB) from Thackway and Cresswell 1995.

Version 7 - Determinations made since March 2013:

The Committee currently uses SEWPaC (2012) Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia, Version 7. Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

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2016 final determinations sorted by date

Bellinger River Snapping Turtle Myuchelys georgesi - critically endangered species listing (PDF 62KB)
Gazetted Friday 22 April 2016

Koala, Phascolarctos cinereus population between the Tweed and Brunswick Rivers east of the Pacific Highway - endangered population listing (PDF 72KB) 
Gazetted Friday 22 April 2016

Hunter Valley Weeping Myall Woodland in the Sydney Basin Bioregion  - critically endangered ecological community listing (PDF 72KB)
Gazetted Friday 19 February 2016

Page last updated: 23 June 2016