Renewable energy research

Useful sources of information and research on renewable energy in New South Wales for communities and industry.


Review of the Impact of Wind Farms on Property Values (PDF 2.8MB)

An investigation into the potential impact of wind farm developments on property prices in NSW. This study follows on from the 2009 NSW Valuer-General’s assessment of the impact of wind farms on property values.


Community Attitudes to Renewable Energy in NSW

This report presents the results of a survey conducted in 2014 on community awareness, knowledge and attitudes to renewable energy technologies across NSW.


Z-NET Blueprint, Business Case and Uralla Case Study (PDF 700KB)

The Zero Net Energy Town (Z-NET) Blueprint shows how NSW communities can satisfy all their energy needs from renewable energy in a way which is competitive in terms of price, quality, reliability and security. The Z-NET Blueprint assesses a range of options like energy efficiency, generating renewable energy locally or nearby and importing renewable energy from other regions.


Benefit sharing models for wind farms in NSW (PDF 3MB) updated 30 July 2015

A review of benefit sharing mechanisms implemented internationally to better understand and identify options for wind farms in NSW.


Community-owned renewable energy: a how to guide (PDF 3.3MB)

A guide to starting a community-owned renewable energy project.


Guide to Installing Solar PV for Businesses in New South Wales (PDF 1.3MB)

An introduction to solar photovoltaic systems and the process for commercial-scale installation.


Community Renewable Energy Sector Challenges and Opportunities (PDF 3.9MB)

A report mapping the status of Community Renewable Energy in Australia and outlining the key barriers to and opportunities for action.

Commissioned by:  Office of Environment and Heritage NSW

Authored by:  Community Power Agency; and  Institute for Sustainable Futures and Backroad Connections


Pre-Feasibility Study for a Solar Power Precinct Report (PDF 3MB)

An examination of the commercial and technical feasibility of co-locating four 250 megawatt solar power stations to facilitate sharing of infrastructure, using five areas for detailed study: Broken Hill, Darlington Point, Dubbo, Moree and Tamworth.


Community Attitudes to Wind Farms in NSW (PDF 1.7MB)

A survey of attitudes to wind farms and renewable energy among more than 2000 residents and 300 businesses in regional areas in NSW.  Summary brochure (PDF 1.5MB) available.


Wind Energy Fact Sheet (PDF 458KB)

Balanced, accessible community-focused information on subjects such as savings in greenhouse gases, turbine-efficiency, local economic benefits, environmental safeguards and noise associated with wind farms.


Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions Abatement from Wind Farms in NSW (PDF 714KB)

A report estimating the greenhouse gas savings from wind farms in each region. Summary brochure (PDF 2.1MB) available.


NSW Wind Farm Greenhouse Gas Savings Tool  

A handy online portal for easy calculation of new wind-farms’ projected greenhouse gas savings, using standardised methodology. Developed from the findings of the ‘Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions Abatement from Wind Farms in NSW’ report.


Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of Wind Farms on Surrounding Land Values in Australia (PDF 1.2MB)

An independent study to provide objective, unbiased and credible information on the likely impacts of wind farms on land value in a NSW and Australian context.


NSW Small Wind Turbine Consumer Guide (PDF 1.3MB)

Provides industry and consumers with the essential information to consider when purchasing a small wind turbine, including assessing your site, choosing a turbine, planning approvals and installation.

Clean energy jobs in regional NSW

A snapshot of each region’s clean-energy job opportunities and prospects, along with an overview their strengths and challenges in renewable resources. A valuable tool to assist regional stakeholders in developing strategies to maximise jobs opportunities.


Community Power Agency

A non-government organisation that assists in setting up community-owned renewable energy projects throughout Australia.



A national not-for-profit organisation focused on accelerating the uptake of community renewable energy projects by providing practical capacity-building tools, as well as seed and investment funding.

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Page last updated: 08 September 2017