Sustaining our environment

Sustainable communities

It is becoming increasingly clear that community engagement and support is crucial to gaining environmental outcomes. The active engagement of the community's energy, knowledge, and intelligence is now a vital ingredient in the success of many different types of sustainability programs.

The Office of Environment and Heritage plays a leading role in the community education sector, researching what the community thinks about the environment, and using the results to design education initiatives. OEH also works directly with State government, councils, and non-government organisations such as the Ethnic Communities Council to deliver sustainability education.

OEH's Who cares about the Environment in 2012? report is a major piece of social research and a measure of people's attitudes to, knowledge of, and skills and behaviour regarding the environment.

Find out more about the following community sustainability topics

  • Advice for engaging communities, actively listening to the knowledge and ideas of community members, and facilitating their role in making changes, can improve decisions and results.
  • Sustainability resources to help Aboriginal communities protect their cultural heritage.
  • OEH works with ethnic communities to encourage people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to learn about, and take care of, their local environment at home, work and play.
  • Get access to resources for sustainable schools, including group and individual activities for students, both class-directed and self-directed.
  • Read results of the Who cares about the environment? series of surveys that measure people's attitudes to, knowledge of, and skills and behaviour regarding the environment.
  • Find and share Education for Sustainability professional development resources and training opportunities on the Education for Sustainability Professional Learning Hub.

Community sustainability in the 2006 State of the environment report

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