Melichrus sp. Gibberagee (a shrub) - endangered species listing

NSW Scientific Committee - final determination

The Scientific Committee established by the Threatened Species Conservation Act has made a Final Determination to list the shrub Melichrus sp. Gibberagee (A.S. Benwell & J.B. Williams 97239) as an ENDANGERED SPECIES on Schedule 1 Part 1 of the Threatened Species Conservation Act. Listing of endangered species is provided for by Part 2 of the Act.

The Scientific Committee has found that:

1. Melichrus sp. Gibberagee (A.S. Benwell & J.B. Williams 97239) is a recently discovered, yet to be formally described, species in the genus Melichrus (Epacridaceae).

2. Melichrus sp. Gibberagee is a tall shrub. The leaves are the narrowest in the genus (1.2 - 1.4mm wide). The flowers have a slender urceolate corolla, yellowish in colour and differing from all other species in the genus in being densely hairy over the inside of the whole lobes, and part of the tube, and in having a tuft of spreading hairs at the apex of each lobe. The apex of the corolla lobes is not obviously hooded as it is in other species. The style is very short.

3. The species is known only from about 100ha. concentrated in compartment 118 of Gibberagee State Forest and adjacent private property, c. 40km south of Casino.

4. The population is made up of approximately 1700 plants.

5. It is considered that the species is likely to have suffered reductions in distribution and population size as a result of previous clearing.

6. Threats to the species include road construction and maintenance, timber harvesting and inappropriate fire regimes.

7. In view of 3, 4, 5 and 6 above the Scientific Committee is of the opinion that the species is likely to become extinct in nature in NSW unless the circumstances and factors threatening its survival or evolutionary development cease to operate.

Proposed Gazettal date: 9/7/99

Exhibition period: 9/7/99 - 13/8/99

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