Persoonia glaucescens (a shrub) - endangered species listing

NSW Scientific Committee - final determination

The Scientific Committee, established by the Threatened Species Conservation Act, has made a Final Determination to list the shrub Persoonia glaucescens Sieber ex Spreng. as an ENDANGERED SPECIES in Part 1 of Schedule 1 of the Act, and as a consequence, to omit reference to Persoonia glaucescens Sieber ex Sprengel from Schedule 2 (Vulnerable species) of the Act. Listing of endangered species is provided for by Part 2 of the Act.

The Scientific Committee has found that:

1. Persoonia glaucescens Sieber ex Spreng. (family Proteaceae) is described by Weston, P. H. (2002) in Harden, G. (ed). Flora of New South Wales. UNSW Press. Vol. 2. p. 19 as: Erect shrub, young branchlets moderately hairy. Leaves oblanceolate or narrow-spathulate, 3-8 cm long, 4-18 mm wide, flat, sparsely hairy and strongly pruinose when young, glabrescent when mature, smooth. Inflorescences growing on into a leafy shoot; flowers mostly subtended by leaves; pedicels 1-3 mm long, erect, moderately hairy. Tepals 11-12 mm long, acuminate to caudate, sparsely to moderately hairy. Ovary glabrous.

2. The species is a NSW endemic restricted to approximately 19 small and fragmented populations in the Southern Highlands of NSW roughly between Picton and Berrima.

3. The total number of individuals is estimated to be as low as 850. Only two populations supporting a total of approximately 50 individuals occur within a conservation reserve (Nattai National Park).

4. The existing populations are highly fragmented due to the clearing of habitat for agriculture and are threatened by further clearing, frequent fire and habitat degradation. Various activities are contributing to habitat degradation including; illegal rubbish dumping, recreational vehicle use, weed invasion, and arson. P. glaucescensis also potentially threatened by its very low seed viability, herbivory on seedlings, and pollination disruption by the European honey bee Apis mellifera.

In view of the above the Scientific Committee is of the opinion that Persoonia glaucescens Sieber ex Spreng. is likely to become extinct in nature in New South Wales unless the circumstances and factors threatening its survival or evolutionary development cease to operate.

Proposed Gazettal date: 13/12/02

Exhibition period: 13/12/02 - 31/01/03

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