Shy albatross - vulnerable species listing

This species is now known as Thalassarche cauta (Gould, 1841) 
[NSW Government Gazette No. 35, 17 March 2006, Page 1392 and NSW Government Gazette No. 113, 25 Novermber 2011, Page 6727]

NSW Scientific Committee - final determination

The Scientific Committee, established by the Threatened Species Conservation Act has made a Final Determination to list the Shy Albatross, Diomedea cauta, Gould 1841 as a VULNERABLE SPECIES on Schedule 2 of the Threatened Species Conservation Act.

Listing of Vulnerable Species is provided for by Schedule 14 of the Act.

The Scientific Committee has found that:

1.Diomedea cauta is a large albatross with a wide distribution in the southern hemisphere. In Australia it breeds on islands off Tasmania, but is a visitor to New South Wales waters. Birds in NSW waters may include individuals from New Zealand Colonies.

2. There is evidence for a decline in the population of D. cauta.

3. There is evidence that D. cauta is one of the albatross species which may be part of the bycatch in long-line fishing.

4. Pollution from plastics, oil and other chemicals is known to have adverse impacts on albatross species.

5. In light of the evidence of population decline, and the evidence of actual and potential threats to D. cauta the Scientific Committee is of the opinion that thespecies is likely to become endangered unless the circumstances and factors threatening its survival cease to operate, and that therefore the species qualifies for inclusion on Schedule 2 of the Threatened Species Conservation Act as a VULNERABLE SPECIES.

Associate Professor Paul Adam

Deputy Chairperson

Scientific Committee

Gazetted: 31/1/97

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