Aerial view of Minnamurra, NSW. AirViewOnline.

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We provide daily reports on water quality at beaches around Sydney, with warnings when pollution is likely. Next time you're going for a swim, check the Beachwatch report before you set out.

Environmental issues

The NSW community is faced with many significant issues due to the demands placed on our environment. Education, compliance and regulation all play a part in improving our environment. The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) works together with the NSW community to help protect the environment. OEH has a regulatory role in relation to biodiversity, Aboriginal cultural heritage, waters and rivers, wildlife management and native vegetation and continues to undertake active programs to contain and reduce soil degradation and invasive pests and weeds. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) focuses on minimising pollution and any risks to human health associated with use of hazardous materials, pesticides and waste, and on improving water quality, reducing the impacts of waste, air emissions and noise and regulating our forest activities.


Cane Grass Swamp, Paroo River area. J Winter/OEH

Regulating water quality and managing water for the environment

Reporting pollution

Rusted storage barrels. OEH

Contacts and advice for reporting pollution

Air quality

Blue sky. OEH

Improving our air quality and reporting air pollution

Soil degradation

Cracked earth

Maintaining and improving the condition of the State's land and soil resources

Pests and weeds

Lantana. M van Ewyk/OEH

Coordinated management to control the spread and impact of invasive species

Supplementary pest control

Fox in forest. P Meek

The NSW Government is introducing a program of pest control by licensed individuals

Feature item

Native Vegetation Regulation

The Native Vegetation Regulation 2013 commenced on 23 September 2013. This marks an important first step in the staged implementation of a commonsense approach to the management of native vegetation in NSW. Find out more

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