Evaluation of the NSW Environmental Water Management Program

Evaluation report

The report `Evaluation of the NSW Environmental Water Management Program 2006-2013' details the first evaluation of the Environmental Water Management Program (EWMP) undertaken by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).

This report was undertaken to assess the performance of the EWMP over this period (2006-2013) and to inform future improvements to the program as we move into a new phase of environmental water management under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Key recommendations

This report provides 12 key recommendations to improve the co-operative management and monitoring of environmental water under the EWMP.

The primary objectives of these recommendations are to:

  • incorporate formal, inclusive and long-term planning to communicate broadly the scope, intent and constraints for managing environmental water in each water source, and
  • develop a complementary long-term monitoring program as the basis for assessing how well the objectives of the EWMP are being met and improve the quality of those objectives.

The evaluation review process

A review of the evaluation report was undertaken throughout 2014 in consultation with a range of internal and external stakeholders, culminating in the OEH Executive endorsement of the final report.

This report has since also been externally reviewed by Professor Terry Hillman, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and a broad range of stakeholders with an interest in environmental water management.

Professor Hillman notes ‘…I believe that the report and the EWMP framework it evaluates, represent a valuable process in progressing ecologically sound approaches to water management for regional communities and technical managers alike.’

Next steps

The recommendations made in this report are now being implemented and will help refine the EWMP until the next review of the Basin Plan.

The constantly improving EWMP provides valuable learnings to help develop and inform the Long Term Watering Plans, Water Resource Plans and Annual Environmental Watering Priorities.

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Evaluation of the NSW Environmental Water Management Program 2006-13



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