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Jimaringle, Cockran and Gwynnes Creek systems

Working in close partnership with the local landowners, State and Commonwealth agencies and Murray Irrigation, OEH has successfully managed environmental water to return the natural wetting and drying phases of the Jimaringle, Cockran and Gwynnes Creek systems with positive ecological outcomes. Download factsheet (13586Enviroflows.pdf, 1506KB).

Restoring Tuppal Creek

In this video landholders talk about how river red gums and local wildlife are bouncing back with the help of environmental water delivered by OEH in 2012.

Cockran, Jimaringle and Gwynnes Creek systems

This video shows how local irrigation infrastructure and teamwork have delivered environmental water to sections of the Murray Valley for the first time in 40 years with great results for plants and animals.

Annual environmental watering plans

Annual environmental watering plans outline the priorities for how environmental water may be used in the coming year, depending on climatic factors and water availability.

The Office of  Environment and Heritage has released the 2013-14 annual environmental watering plans for the five valleys in which it actively manages environmental water.

Water for the Environment News

Water for the Environment News is your guide to environmental water actions and events across NSW. Find out how governments and the community are working together to:

  • improve the efficiency of rural water delivery and use
  • better manage water flow events
  • enhance decision-making in water management
  • conserve the environment, especially our wetlands.

Water for the Environment News is available twice yearly from the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and includes the latest details of how much environmental water is being purchased and recovered as a result of the programs in place.

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Murray-Darling Basin Plan

The Basin Plan was adopted by the Commonwealth Water Minister on 22 November 2012. The final plan is available on the website of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

Environmental water use in NSW: Outcomes 2012-13

In 2012-13, OEH managed the delivery of more than 690,000 megalitres (ML) of environmental water, including contributions from the Australian Government.

Environmental water use in New South Wales: Outcomes 2012-13 has been released. This report provides a summary of ways in which environmental water was managed by OEH and demonstrates how the successful planning of water releases has achieved and maximised targeted ecological outcomes.

Previous annual reports

Environmental water use in New South Wales: Annual report 2011-12 (120943ewar1112.pdf, 3.56MB)

Environmental water use in New South Wales: Annual report 2010-11 (20110930envtalwater1011.pdf; 2.62MB)

Environmental water use in New South Wales: Annual report 2009-10 (10942envtalwaterar0910.pdf, 4.7MB)

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