The planning framework

Annual plans

OEH prepares annual watering plans each water year (July to June) for the five valleys where it actively manages environmental water. These plans are based on advice received from Environmental Water Advisory Groups.

The plans outline the priorities for how environmental water may be used in the coming year, depending on climatic factors and water availability.

Statements of annual environmental watering priorities for each valley are then developed and made publicly available:

Previous years

Long Term Water Plans

Long Term Water Plans provide long-term (up to 20-year) directions for annual and event-based environmental water management in each valley.

Long Term Water Plans are being developed for all nine NSW Murray Darling Basin catchments consistent with the Basin Plan.

Reporting on water for environment

There is extensive reporting on the use of environmental water including reporting on:

  • Basin Plan implementation
  • annual watering in each valley
  • individual watering events
  • water trading

Office of Environment and Heritage's Environmental Water Use in New South Wales: Outcomes 2015–16 (PDF 9.2MB) gives an overview of the environmental water management program.

Previous years

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Page last updated: 19 September 2017