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Fire info November 2016

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Hazard reduction

NPWS treated 203,800 hectares of land in hazard reduction activities

Working with other agencies, NPWS achieved 77 percent of the total area treated by hazard reduction burns in NSW

The Living with Fire 2012-21 Strategy guides NPWS fire management

NPWS works with other agencies to protect communities, property and environment

NPWS exceeded the hazard reduction targets of the EBMP^ treating over 680,000 hectares of parks and reserves in the first 5 years

NPWS resources:

  • 8,900 km trails maintained
  • 1,115 fire specialists
  • 350 vehicles
  • 200 machines
  • 5 aircraft

Wildfire stats

The two leading causes of fire starting in parks*

  • 39 percent Lightning
  • 19 percent Arson or suspicious causes

ONLY ABOUT 5 percent of fires statewide burn in parks*

90 percent of fires that start in parks are contained in parks*



* Averaged from the last ten years

All other figures relate to the 2015/16 season

^Enhanced Bushfire Management Program

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