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Brindabella National Park: Fire management strategy

The Reserve Fire Management Strategy (RFMS) defines management approaches for parcel(s) of protected lands in line with National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) strategic policy. RFMS is also the basis for preparing prescribed burning operations plans and Incident Action Plans.

The RFMS details desirable fire management regimes and objectives for NPWS-managed land. It assesses bushfire threats within the area, the type and nature of natural and cultural heritage, assets and other facilities within the reserve and includes guidelines for any suppression activities or hazard reduction work to be undertaken within that area.

NPWS is a member of the Southern Tablelands Bushfire Management Committee and the Riverina Highlands Bushfire Management Committee (BFMC) to which this reserve is a part of.  Under s. 52 of the Rural Fires Act 1997 the BFMC is responsible for the development of a bushfire risk management plan and plans of operations across the area. The plan integrates RFMS  into a wider multi-agency framework.

Download supporting document: Brindabella National Park: Fire operations map 2015 (PDF 4.65MB)

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