Innovation Award

Doing something new and exciting to help the environment? Tell us about your achievements.

This award recognises outstanding new technology, design or research. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • cutting-edge sustainable technology
  • new industry practices, processes, products or services
  • ground-breaking research
  • infrastructure design
  • improving the ability to use, store or save natural resources
  • circular economy projects
  • social innovation.

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2016 winner

HealthShare NSW: sustainable service delivery

Picture of a Healthshare NSW staff member with a patient.The supply of meals in NSW hospitals is undergoing a transformation. Previously, menus with limited choices were left with patients 24 hours before mealtimes and almost half the food went uneaten.

To improve food service in hospitals, HealthShare NSW are running a pilot study using specialised ordering and tracking software. Staff take orders directly from patients on iPads 4 hours before each mealtime, and patients have up to 18 choices. The system is now being rolled out across the state.

The results show that staff spend more time with patients and patient nutrition has improved. There have also been reductions in the quantity of food and packaging waste previously sent to landfill, and in water use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Winners’ comment: ‘[This award is] recognition of HealthShare NSW’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact and taking action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3, 9 and 13. It challenges the perception regarding government’s ability to collaborate with industry and innovate to improve society.’ Carmen Rechbauer, Director, Food and Patient Support Services, HealthShare NSW.