Community Leadership Award

People and projects that benefit the New South Wales community now and into the future.

This award recognises outstanding community leadership and commitment from NSW not-for-profit organisations whose sustainable initiatives are locally relevant and have widespread benefits for communities.

2017 Green Globe Award winner

Stucco: Stucco solar + storage community project

Stucco members on a rooftop amongst solar panelsWhat started as a housing cooperative for low-income students at Sydney University has produced the first successful installation of a solar-plus-storage renewable power system in an Australian apartment block.

Planning the new solar system was a community effort led by students, with various NGOs, pro-bono lawyers, academics and technical experts offering assistance.

‘There were lots of hurdles,’ says community coordinator Sarah King, ‘including technical issues around wiring and power flows across many meters, fire-proofing the batteries, plus some major regulatory challenges.

‘We needed permission from the national energy regulator to convert the building into an embedded network with a single grid connection but with metering and billing managed internally.’

The system now supplies more than three-quarters of the building’s electricity, saving the 40 residents an average of 20% on their bills. The surplus gives the cooperative an additional income stream to continue providing low-income housing.

Stucco provides a great precedent for other renters and apartment dwellers who are often locked out of access to cheap solar electricity.


Australian River Restoration team

Australian River Restoration Centre: Rivers of Carbon – Rivers of Life

The Rivers of Carbon program helps communities to restore creeks and wetlands across the Southern Tablelands of NSW bringing multiple benefits including shelter for stock, carbon storage, improved water quality, habitat for wildlife and spiritual connection.

Seaside Scavenge volunteers with their scavenged goods

Seaside Scavenge: Seaside Scavenge

Seaside Scavenge has hit on an innovative and engaging formula – a waterway clean-up where the collected litter becomes the currency to purchase quality pre-loved clothes and other donated items at pop-up markets.

Youth Food Movement Australia members in a vegetable garden

Youth Food Movement Australia: Youth Food Movement Australia

Since 2011, this not-for-profit organisation provides hands-on programs, training, education and events to empower thousands of young people to become active leaders in promoting the sustainable production and consumption of food in Australia.