Sustainability Champion Award

Celebrating people with the initiative and leadership skills to help others to make positive changes.

This award recognises people who’ve been instrumental in delivering environmental projects. They need to have demonstrated leadership in influencing and changing community or organisation views on sustainability and/or guiding change in sustainable practices.

2017 Green Globe Award finalists

Alexandra Iljadica: Youth Food Movement Australia

Youth Food Movement Australia posing with fresh produceWhile studying nutritional science at university, Alexandra Iljadica saw a gap in consumer food education and engagement among young people.

The result was Youth Food Movement — Australia’s only youth-led food organisation, an avenue for young people to connect and equip themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to address pressing food environment challenges.

In the six years since she started Youth Food Movement, Alexandra and her team have

  • built the skills and capacity of over 500 volunteers
  • delivered over 40 projects harnessing 60,000 volunteer hours to address food sustainability issues
  • built a community membership of over 24,000 young people
  • secured and invested over $1 million to address food literacy.

Alexandra has been identified as a Top 20 Young Global Food Leader by US-based organisation Food Tank and is regularly invited to share her vision for a sustainable food future at major forums and events.

‘Our aim,’ says Alexandra is still ‘to grow a community of young change-makers to unbreak our food system.’

Jason Evans: Regional Climate Projections

Jason Evans giving a presentationUniversity of NSW climate scientist and associate professor Jason Evans specialises in understanding the water cycle, the interactions between land and atmosphere, and regional climate change.

Using an innovative design, he has successful implemented a regional climate projection for south-east Australia known as NSW/ACT Regional Climate Modelling (NARCliM).

The program is used throughout the NSW government for climate impacts, adaptation and planning. The projections are increasingly being used by private industry and scientific researchers.

As well as leading the science in this area, Jason has enthusiastically promoted NARCliM to the public, government and industry across many forums to make sure that the best science is connected to practical outcomes.

Through Jason’s efforts in understanding and explaining regional climate change processes and impacts, we have gained new insights into drought, bushfire, extreme rainfall, and the climate effects of urbanisation.

As Jason explains, ‘The program has given us a much better grasp of how we can better manage and protect Australia's dynamic environment.’

Craig Reucassel: War on Waste

Craig Reucassel standing on pile of unwanted bananasWho can forget the image of Craig Reucassel sitting on top of a pile of bananas in a Queensland banana plantation? Too ‘bent’ to be sent to supermarkets, the otherwise perfectly edible bananas were being left to rot.

Best known as one of the Chaser boys, Craig and a team from ABC started many conversations around NSW this year with their three-part ABC-TV documentary on Australia’s waste problem, ‘War on Waste’.

Craig’s placed a six-tonne mountain of textile waste in Martin Place to show how much clothing we throw away every ten minutes, busted waste and recycling myths, told us where our waste products really end up and provided some innovative waste solutions.

The well-researched program engaged audiences of all age groups and provided online resources, campaign info and contacts for members of the public to express their concerns to politicians, supermarkets and other influential bodies.