Young Sustainability Champion Award

Celebrating young people with drive, commitment and a passion for the environment.

This award recognises a young person who’s developed practical sustainable solutions and has helped a community to improve its environmental issues. It is given to someone who has the potential to be a future environmental leader.

2017 Green Globe Awards winner

Anna Jane Linke: Seaside Scavenge

Seaside scavenge volunteers at a scavenge eventAnna Jane Linke – AJ to the many who know her – is a young eco-warrior, and the leader of a rubbish revolution.

Three years ago, AJ recognised that our dependence on single-use plastics, like plastic bags, straws and coffee cups was not great for our coastal environments.

Now at 24, she is the founder and CEO of Seaside Scavenge – an engaging and innovative waterway clean up event, where the litter collected by participants becomes the currency at a pop-up market filled with pre-loved clothes and books.

AJ drives to each event in a van packed with educational materials, donated clothing and a bicycle-powered generator for local musicians to share their talent while the trash is traded.

Having run 20 Seaside Scavenge events up and down the east coast with 1500 participants and 2500kg of trash collected, AJ now has exciting plans for new Scavenge chapters across Australia.


Olivia Leal-Walker

Olivia Leal-Walker: Frasers Property Australia

Olivia Leal-Walker wears many hats including sustainability coordinator at Frasers Property Australia, Green Building Council’s Future Green Leader of the Year and chair of the Hawkesbury City Council Sustainability Advisory Committee where she engages with her community about sustainability issues.

Holley Sommerville-Knott at her information desk

Holley Somerville-Knott: Tell Someone Who Cares

Since she created a wildlife charity at the age of eight, Byron Shire girl Holley Somerville-Knott has been fighting for the environment. At 12 she founded Tell Someone Who Cares – a social enterprise which uses sustainable illipe nut butter, a high-quality vegetable fat from the nut of a tree native to Borneo that can be used like palm oil, but without the rainforest destruction.