Judging criteria

Find out how the independent judging panel weigh up nominations for the Green Globe Awards.

What are the judges looking for?

  • A clear, concise and reader-friendly application. Use plain English and avoid jargon.
  • Coverage of all elements and achievements of the work in the application.
  • Claims backed up with clear evidence, using numbers and quantified explanations. Where possible, provide external verification of achievements.
  • Attached certificates and images that directly reflect the project.


  • Complete your nomination offline before proceeding to the online nomination.
  • Save your online nomination after completing each criterion. This will prevent you having to re-do your nomination from scratch if there are technical problems.

Each of the following criteria account for one third of the final marks used to judge an application. 

3000-character limit (about 500 words)

Outline how the organisation, project or individual is unique and shows outstanding leadership and innovation in its or their field.

You may demonstrate or include:

  • how you took the initiative to fill an unmet environmental need and address the impact of climate change
  • how you applied a new or existing technology, product or process
  • how the project brought about change for the organisation and industry
  • new standards set by the implementation of this work
  • what you did to integrate the project into an organisation’s business plan and operations, with commitment and support from upper management
  • what strategies you put in place for growth and replication
  • how you gathered support and led internal and external participation.

3000 character limit (about 500 words)

Demonstrate measurable results of how partnerships were developed and how internal and external stakeholders were engaged to achieve environmental and commercial results.

You may demonstrate or include:

  • how you proactively engaged, consulted and involved staff, management, customers, key stakeholders, supply chain, similar sites or other businesses and the local and wider community in the work
  • partnerships that were developed for long-lasting results
  • the way you implemented regular communication plans, training and education to engage stakeholders in the project and increase their knowledge of the impacts of climate change
  • use of social-media channels – provide links and number of followers
  • examples of mainstream media attention received
  • details of your participation in mentoring activities
  • sustainability goals and actions promoted and supported by stakeholders.

3000-character limit (about 500 words)

Demonstrate the tangible outcomes and benefits of the work over the past 24 months. In your description, provide provide facts and figures and where possible attach copies any certifications achieved.

We’re looking for outcomes and benefits in the following areas:

  • ecological/environmental
  • social/cultural
  • financial/economic.

Please also tell us the scale of impact the work achieved for:

  • yourself
  • an organisation
  • a sector or industry
  • a region or community.