Conservation programs

Many organisations and individuals are already involved in programs to restore environmental health. The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER) is working to integrate these local and regional achievements into the larger vision for reconnecting the ecosystems and habitats of the GER.

Getting results

Through connectivity conservation programs along the GER, partners will be able to work together on land management activities which:

  • aim to improve the resilience of ecosystems and the habitats of plants and animals
  • enable plants and animals to adapt, migrate, spread or move to alternative locations as conditions change
  • maintain headwaters that are the most important source of clean water for eastern Australia's growing population
  • conserve and interconnect unique natural landscapes and ecosystems, and help to ensure the wellbeing of the human communities that depend on them
  • conserve the highest concentrations of Australia's tall eucalypt forests, rich rainforests, primitive flowering plants and natural ecosystems that provide refuge for many unique native plants and animals
  • complement other private and government initiatives responding to droughts, soil loss, rising salt levels, water shortages, habitat degradation and loss, and declining agricultural productivity
  • enable the intact natural habitats of the GER to continue to provide for many human activities, including sustainable agriculture, nature-based tourism and outdoor recreation.

Whole-of-GER projects will include core programs of key conservation organisations, which operate across the full extent of the GER in NSW (including regional priority areas) to engage and involve landholders and communities in environment and conservation. These include:

  • Bush regeneration and rehabilitation programs - Greening Australia
  • Conservation Agreement covenants and Wildlife Refuges – NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Land for Wildlife Program NSW – Community Environment Network Inc
  • Nature Keepers Program - National Parks Association of NSW
  • Revolving Fund Property Purchase Program to purchase, covenanting and on-selling of private conservation properties - Nature Conservation Trust of NSW
  • YOUth LEADing the World program – OzGREEN
Page last updated: 29 January 2014