Landfill Consolidation and Environmental Improvements grants program

The Landfill Consolidation and Environmental Improvements grants program is currently closed to applications.


The Landfill Consolidation and Environmental Improvements grants program has already provided $7 million for the consolidation, closure and the environmental improvement of landfills.

This program is being delivered through a partnership between the Trust and the EPA under Waste Less, Recycle More’s Local Government Waste and Resource Recovery Program. Additional information can be found on the EPA website.


Grants of up to $200,000 (excluding GST) will be available for landfill consolidation and closure, and environmental improvements. Funding will be available to provide up to 70% of the eligible costs of the proposal and the remainder of the costs (minimum 30%) must be covered by the applicant’s financial or in-kind contributions and these costs must be clearly identified in the application budget.

The application can cover multiple landfills up to a maximum of $200,000. Multiple applications from eligible applicants will be accepted. Applicants may apply to both Stream 1 and Stream 2 (a separate application form is required for each stream).

Who can apply?

Organisations in the Regional Levy Area and the Non-Regulated Area (including licensed and unlicensed landfills in those areas) are eligible to apply and these include:

  • NSW councils (as defined in the NSW Local Government Act).
  • Regional waste groups, Regional Organisations of Councils or Joint Organisations of Councils may apply and/or coordinate the project on behalf of several NSW councils within their regional group, provided each council nominates a contact person for the project.

Councils in the Metropolitan Levy areas are not eligible to apply.


The reporting templates for Landfill Consolidation grantees are provided below (A quick link is also available on the right-hand column of the main page). Grantees should refer to their Deed of Agreement for documents and evidence to be submitted in addition to the documents below.

Project Measures Captures projected and achieved quantitative data for your project. The same report should be built on and submitted for each milestone.
Milestone Report Communicates your project’s progress and achievements as set agreed milestones during the project.
Final Report Communicates your project’s final achievements on project completion.
Statement of Expenditure A statement of expenditure is required with each milestone and final report.

Past recipients

Round 2 – 2015

  • Stream 1 allocated $1,457,916 to 10 projects.
  • Stream 2 allocated $1,539,914 to 16 projects

Round 1 – 2014

  • Stream 1 allocated $1,889,366 to 14 projects.
  • Stream 2 allocated $1.942,176 to 20 projects

Example guidelines and application forms

The program is closed to applications. The forms and guidelines below are for information purposes only.

More information

Page last updated: 15 May 2018