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The State Heritage Inventory, contains over 25,000 heritage items on statutory lists in New South Wales. This information is provided by local councils and State government agencies. The level of information for each heritage item can range from basic identification information such as name, address and listing to full information such as detailed descriptions, histories, significance and images. While the Heritage Division seeks to keep the Inventory up to date, the most recent statutory listings may not yet be included. Always check with the relevant local council or State agency for the most recent listings.

The Heritage Branch is directly responsible for the State heritage register, a list of items and places that are of particular importance to NSW. The new map search is now available.

Visit heritage database help if you are unfamiliar with this search facility.

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The results shown below are for the State Heritage Register ONLY and does not include items listed on Local Environmental Plans and s.170 Heritage and Conservation Registers. For further mapping information for please contact the relevant Local or State government agency.

Disclaimer: The positions of the State Heritage Register items shown on this page are for general identification and research purposes only. It should not be used for legal searches. Some SHR items have not been included for privacy and security reasons. Free downloading of State Heritage Register spatial datasets and associated metadata into a Geographical Information System (GIS) software package is available at Community Access to Natural Resources Information (CANRI) -


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