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Home Power Savings Program

The results speak for themselves - $35 million each year in savings!

The Home Power Savings Program successfully supported more than 220,000 low income households to reduce their energy use and spend less on their power bills.

Having reached its target, the program is no longer available.

Launched in May 2010, the Home Power Savings Program was one of a number of initiatives taken by the NSW Government to place downward pressure on the cost of living.

It is estimated that program participants achieved average annual energy savings of 116,000 megawatt hours, resulting in collective savings of $35 million per annum on their power bills.

To inform a decision about future opportunities to improve access to energy efficiency for low income households, the NSW Energy Efficiency Action Plan (EEAP) included Action 11: 'review energy efficiency programs to identify opportunities for improved access to energy efficiency for low income households' (Low Income Review). The Low Income Review is currently underway.

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Home Power Savings Program Achievements

Home Power Savings Program Achievements

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Page last updated: 19 March 2014