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Disposal of whitegoods

Before you decide to get rid of your old appliance, first consider whether if can be salvaged or given to someone else.


If your appliance is efficient and in working order, it might be suitable for reuse. Perhaps it could be offered to a friend or family member, donated to charity or sold. Consider advertising it for second-hand sale online.


If it really is no longer functional or is inefficient, then the metal from whitegoods can be recycled again and again to make new products. Recycling options vary depending on your locality. Check with your local council to find out your best options. The advantages of recycling are:

  • reduces waste going to landfill
  • conserves resources
  • reduces the amount of carbon emissions created in the production of new materials.

Manufacturers and retailers

When buying a replacement appliance, check to see whether the retailer will remove the old one. This service is sometimes included in the delivery charge, or may be an optional extra. The retailer will usually receive the scrap value for collected items they sell on to a metal recycler or resource recovery centre. 

Second-hand dealers

A number of second-hand dealers will pay or accept used items that can be repaired and resold. Appliances that are not re-saleable can often be sent to metal recyclers.


If you have a second fridge or freezer you don’t really need, getting rid of it could cut your power bill. Call your local council for details of disposal services, or visit

Council hard-waste collections

Contact your local council to find out whether they will collect the item or ask for the location of your nearest resource recovery centre.

The RecyclingNearYou website contains information about the recycling and waste services offered by your council, as well as local drop-off options.

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Page last updated: 11 April 2017