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Impacts on the cost of a solar system

The cost of a solar system will vary depending on the quality of the components, the installation and ongoing costs.

When thinking about the cost of a solar system, it pays to think about more than just the upfront price.

Upfront costs

A well designed system installed by an experienced solar retailer using good quality components will generate more energy than a poor quality system that has been badly installed.


A lower quality system might save money up front, but you’ll make fewer savings on your energy bill and have higher maintenance costs.

Installation Costs


Installing a solar system may require changes to your electricity meter. Sometimes these changes are included in the installation cost. Check with your solar retailer.

Roof condition

If your roof is not structurally sound enough to carry the weight of the panels, you will need to work on your roof.

Future costs

Inverter replacement

Inverters don’t last as long as solar panels. Solar panels generally have a   20-25 year warranty but inverters only have an 8-10 year warranty.

You will need to replace the inverter at least once in the life of your solar system.


Keeping your panels clean will help maximise their efficiency. Depending on where the panels are located and how accessible they are you may need to pay to have them cleaned.

Your panels could also be exposed to extreme weather and may be damaged.


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Page last updated: 18 December 2015