• Report littering from vehicles

    Fines from $250 can now be
    issued from your reports.

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  • Nature Near Me

    Our new app will help you explore
    and share our unique and wonderful
    nature places

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  • Have your say

    on the future of the
    marine environment from Newcastle to Shellharbour.

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  • Check out the top spots for whale watching in NSW national parks.


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Saving water and energy

Tap on rainwater tank. M Lauder

Practical steps for efficient use of water, energy and other resources.

Threatened species


Find out more about and get involved in threatened species conservation.

Native vegetation

BoxGum Woodlands Southwest Slopes

Find out more about native vegetation management in NSW

Aboriginal country

Sunset. J Turbill

Country links Aboriginal people to the environment that we all share.

Find a park

Dobroyd Head, Sydney Harbour. D Smith/DECCW

Plan your camping visit or a great day out at one of our parks.

Fire and park closures

Tree on fire. M Jarman/DECCW

Latest information about fires and park closures.

Other features

Biodiversity legislation review

The Independent Biodiversity Legislation Review Panel has presented its final report to the Minister for the Environment. The report is now being considered by the Government. find out more

Fire hazard reduction in national parks

During 2014/2015 NPWS completed 189 planned hazard reduction burns covering over 113,000 hectares of parks and reserves. NPWS will continue planned hazard reduction burns as weather permits in Spring. find out more

Native vegetation

Find out about the stage implementation of the Native Vegetation Regulation 2013, which commenced on 23 September 2013. find out more