Nature conservation

Parks, reserves and protected areas

Potential benefits of Aboriginal joint management

For Aboriginal people with a cultural association with a park

  • recognition of cultural association with the land or traditional ownership
  • opportunity to sustain spiritual and cultural activities
  • participation in park management decision making
  • protection of cultural sites and heritage
  • opportunity to educate people about Aboriginal culture and contribute to reconciliation
  • training and employment opportunities.

For the NPWS

  • opportunity to protect and interpret cultural heritage and recognise cultural and historic dimension to conservation
  • opportunity to access and apply Aboriginal knowledge in land management and the conservation of cultural and natural values
  • contribution to reconciliation.

For biodiversity conservation

  • recognition of the cultural values associated with the park's biodiversity
  • improved protection and management of biodiversity values through application of Aboriginal knowledge and practices

For park visitors

  • appreciation of the cultural values of the park
  • opportunity to communicate with Aboriginal owners and/or employees
  • participation in the process of reconciliation.

From Smyth D , 'Joint management of national parks' in Baker R, Davies J & Young E (eds) 2001, Working on country: contemporary indigenous management of Australia's lands and coastal regions, Oxford University Press.

Page last updated: 15 June 2011