South East Forests National Park


Many of the park's walking tracks are described below. For experienced walkers there is wilderness walking in the Waalimma Wilderness. At the end of Waalimma Road you can set off for the Genoa wilderness. Park the car and hike down Genoa Gorge or up onto Nungatta Plateau into the Genoa wilderness. There are no marked trails and this part of the park is for self-reliant, experienced walkers. It is wise to let the Bombala office know details of your expedition.

Walking tracks

Six Mile Creek

Plant communities: wet eucalypt forests

Location:  shown on Nunnock to Myanba Gorge map

Carters Creek

A short boardwalk into the Carters Creek area and beautiful old growth forests/rainforest to the north of Pipers Lookout.

Also known as Rutherfords walking track.

Plant communities: wet eucalypt forests, rainforests

Pipers Lookout

This is a short walk to a series of lookouts over the escarpment and valley below. This part of the park contains moist forests important as wildlife refuges during drought and fire. The walks to the lookouts are wheelchair accessible.

Plant communities: wet eucalypt forests

Location:  shown on park map

Wolumla Peak

Picnic beneath the silvertop ash (Eucalyptus sieberi) and walk 500 m to the top of Wolumla Peak for great views, or for the more adventurous, take a walk down Wolumla Peak Fire Trail to see some outstanding old-growth forests.

Plant communities: dry eucalypt forests

Myanba Gorge walking track

Wheelchair access: easy

  • This area is fully wheelchair accessible for the first 100m which takes you to the first viewing platform

Myanba Gorge walking track is a short walk that offers young and old the opportunity to experience this unique natural setting.

The wheelchair-friendly boardwalk to the first viewing platform enables disabled and mobility impaired visitors to enjoy the views. And for those of you who want to venture further on foot, it’s an easy walk through the gorge.

There is plenty of wildlife to see. Look out for echidnas, swamp wallabies, red-neck wallabies as well as the many forest birds you’ll find. Pay special attention for the diamond pythons sometimes seen at the Gorge viewing platform.

Why not make a day of it, pack a picnic and spend the day exploring the many stops along this remarkable car-touring route. The round-trip from Bombala takes you to Myanba Gorge and Pheasants Peak via the towering canopies of old-growth forest trees.

Plant communities: dry eucalypt forests

Location:  shown on Nunnock to Myanba Gorge map

Goodenia Rainforest walking track

Set out on the Goodenia Rainforest walk and discover a magnificent stand of cool temperate rainforest that is unique in this part of NSW.

An excellent track for walking with children, this easy 1.2km nature walk leads down into a lush gully of ferns and understorey species. Enjoy the shade provided by the dense lilly pilly canopy and keep an eye out for moss-covered rocks, vines and quirky-looking beetles as you explore.

As you walk, listen out for the wonderful stream of mimicked calls performed by the superb lyrebird or the whip-crack song of the eastern whipbird.

The walk starts at Goodenia Rainforest picnic area, so if you have time before or after the walk you could stop for a picnic or barbecue lunch.

Plant communities: rainforests

Location:  shown on park map

Pheasants Peak walking track

Pheasants Peak walking track is a short, yet challenging walk, through old growth forest with spectacular views from the summit.

Go walking through tall eucalypts and alongside huge granite boulders. Stop to take in the view as you look across the Monaro Plains towards the Snowy Mountains.

Ascend through lush old growth forest, passing by stands of White Ash forest and Brown Barrel before approaching the summit where you’ll find a remarkable scattering of giant, granite tors.

It’s the ideal place to relax and enjoy picnicking with a view, especially at sunset. On a clear day the views are spectacular. Yet it is equally striking and timeless on days when onshore winds blow in orographic mists and the landscape is shrouded in a thick cloud.

Plant communities: dry eucalypt forests

Nunnock Swamp and Grasslands walking tracks

Nunnock Swamp and Grasslands walking tracks incorporate 15km of interconnecting walking tracks in the Far South Coast hinterland, allowing you to opt for either a long or short walk.

Perched on the escarpment edge and connected by two campgrounds, this network of tracks spans an array of scenery and offers something for bushwalkers, birdwatchers, photographers and campers alike.

Wilkinsons walking track (4.8km) offers a peek into the past, beginning at historic Alexanders Hut, where you can also set up camp overlooking naturally treeless frost hollows. Connect from this track to Nunnock campground via the Keys walking track (2km), which leads you from grassland to snow gum woodland.

Roam the swamp’s edges on the 4km Nunnock Swamp walking track, enjoying the shade of the surrounding tall eucalypts. To connect from here to the Keys Walking Track, take the 300m-long Link Track, and follow the markers through the grass.

Choose the 2.5km Cattlemans walking track to retrace the stock route used by stockmen of yesteryear as they transported cattle from the Monaro to the coast.

Lace up your walking shoes for a spring or summer visit, and see colourful wildflowers sprinkling the grasslands. Chances are you’ll spot wildlife whichever time you walk, with marsupials, reptiles and birdlife all going about their business in their respective habitats along the way.

Plant communities: freshwater wetlands, grasslands

Location:  shown on Nunnock to Myanba Gorge map