Native vegetation map product specifications

In October 2012, the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) commenced a project to establish agreed specifications required to standardise NSW native vegetation map products. These specifications will be available in late 2013. 

This project is being coordinated by OEH Native Vegetation Information Branch, with funding from the NSW Environmental Trust Fund. OEH engaged consultants Spatial Vision Innovations Pty Ltd to undertake stakeholder consultation and develop native vegetation map specifications.

Project objectives include:

  • engage with a representative range of stakeholders
  • define the specific needs and expectations of stakeholders
  • undertake analyses to evaluate and define the types of vegetation maps required
  • develop detailed specifications to support the implementation of a fine-scale native vegetation map product
  • develop detailed specifications to support the implementation of a statewide regional scale native vegetation map product.

The native vegetation map specifications produced by this project will establish the framework that will:

  • guide future investment in native vegetation mapping products
  • support future development of customised map maintenance and online access systems as part of the NSW Vegetation Information System
  • improve alignment with NSW regulatory tools and processes
  • improve alignment with Threatened Ecological Communities (TEC) classification
  • establish consistent map products statewide that future-proof against jurisdictional boundary changes.

Project plan

The project deliverables and status are:

 Phase  Deliverable  Status Link 
1. Project inceptionProject and contract initiationCompleted 
2. Stakeholder engagement planningDevelop and circulate questionnaireCompletedSurvey results
3. Stakeholder consultationSix regional workshops and additional interviewsCompleted 
4. User requirements analysisNative vegetation mapping product requirements reportCompletedUser requirements report
5. Options analysisOptions paper for OEH ExecutiveCommenced 
6. Develop product specificationsProduct specification reports and associated geo-database

schemas for:

i) fine-scale local native vegetation map

ii) statewide regional scale native vegetation map

Not commenced 
A consultation process involving a questionnaire, a workshop and targeted meetings has been initiated and will focus on issues, including:
  • needs and expectations of users
  • map quality and accuracy
  • statewide consistency
  • maintenance and delivery
  • complexity of existing vegetation classifications.
Page last updated: 20 September 2013