Nature conservation

Parks, reserves and protected areas

Establishing protected areas

Today’s National Park Estate of over 7 million hectares began with the establishment of what is now the Royal National Park in 1879.

New reserves
Provides a list of new reserves created.

Recent additions to reserves
Shows which reserves have increased in size and details the number of hectares added and when.

Recent revocations to reserves
The National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 allows for the revocation of reservation or dedication of certain land. The affected reserves are listed in Schedule 2 (Revocation of reservation or dedication of certain land).

Revocation of a reserve or part of a reserve is guided by the Revocation, Recategorisation and Road Adjustment Policy.

Acquiring land for conservation reserves
Reveals which types of land are poorly represented in the State's reserve network and what properties we're interested in acquiring.

New reserves for the Lower Hunter
A regional conservation plan sets out conservation priorities for the Lower Hunter for the next 25 years. Stage 1 has been implemented through transfer of approximately 20,000 hectares of high conservation value Government lands to the National Parks and Wildlife Service. These reserves now form the backbone of major new conservation corridors.

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Page last updated: 10 December 2015